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One-stop optimized digital marketing and e-commerce platform for fruit farmers and fruit businesses.

Omike Chima

  • Project Description

    According to Statista, the US fruit industry recorded over $15 billion in annual sales as of 2016, with a current annual projection netting over $30 billion. While there has been significant uptick in the demand for fruits in the past 5 years, many Americans have very limited, convenient options to order and receive clean, freshly delivered fruits. They are restricted to mostly unreliable fruit service delivery that is fraught with negative consumer experience arising from poor quality of fruits, late orders and inefficient offline offerings. On the other hand, the U.S fruit industry is highly fragmented and dominated by large grocery corporations who buy fruit produce from local and international fruit producers. Most U.S based fruit farmers and fruit businesses are not equipped with cutting edge technology that will enable them enjoy full value and benefits available from selling directly to consumers either locally or internationally. CleanFruits is a "fruit as a digital service" delivery platform that will provide optimized, targeted digital marketing and e-commerce offerings for local fruit farmers to sell clean, freshly delivered fruits to all categories of consumers within and across states. We will work closely with fruit farmers and logistic companies to increase distribution and prompt delivery of multiple varieties of clean, fresh fruits to American households (and globally) at affordable rates. We plan to deliver the best digital and humane experience throughout
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    According to US nutrition experts, poor nutrition is a leading cause of illnesses in the U.S and is responsible for more than 500,000 deaths annually. Increased fruit consumption - through improved access - is an effective remedy to rising health risks for many American households as they improve their dietary lifestyles. Therefore, the demand for healthy fruits is at an upward trajectory. Furthermore, with COVID-19 pandemic disrupting conventional offline business operations, many small and medium scale fruit producers and businesses are now increasingly looking for ways to pivot for increased sales online. Building and launching the CleanFruits platform will undoubtedly expand the revenue base of fruit entrepreneurs and businesses.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    CleanFruits would become the "Amazon" for all kinds of fruits (organic inclusive) where local fruit farmers and businesses can use simplified digital marketing tools and integrated geo-based analytics to drive online sales. Our platform will enable one-click purchases and potential subscription service depending on fruit farmers' preferences. We would work closely with vetted fruit farmers and businesses, logistics companies, qualified quality control and compliance companies and organizations to ensure that the quality of fruits sold are not compromised. Our focus is on ensuring top quality fruits delivered promptly to U.S residents with potentials for global delivery in the future.

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    I will use $10,000 to build out my lean strategy as follows: 1. Conduct deep-dive market research on local fruit producers and businesses in 3 best-fit pilot states (MA, NY, NH). (Timeline: > 3 months). 2. Create wireframes and UI designs of the digital platform (web and mobile application). (Timeline: 3 - 4 months). 3. Build relationships with identified fruit producers and negotiate agreements to sign them on the CleanFruits digital platform. (Timeline: 3 - 5 months). 4. Partner with quality control and compliance actors and logistic companies. (Timeline: 3 - 5 months). 5. Develop beta version of the website or mobile application. Launch MVP and test run. (Timeline: 4 - 7 months). 6. Launch the live version of the website or mobile app.